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Services, Pricing, and Policies


Personal Organization–Individuals, Students, Professionals

Home Organization–Moving/Unpacking, Closets, Basements, Garages, Bookshelves, Bedrooms, Offices, Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, etc.

Business Organization–Stock, Storage, Offices, Counters, Check-out areas, Appointment Rooms, Desks, Waiting Rooms, etc.

Life Coach–Customized plans to help you achieve your personal or professional goals.


Initial Evaluation and Consultation $20/hr.

Personalized Plan and Consultation $20/hr.

Plan Implementation (physical help with moving, directing, shopping, packing/unpacking, sorting, etc.)- $25/hr.

Every half-hour will be rounded to the nearest hour. For example, if work begins at noon and ends at 1:15pm, only 1 hour’s worth of time will be charged. If work begins at noon and ends at 1:30pm, 2 hours’ worth of time will be charged.

*An initial deposit of $20 will be billed to clients via PayPal, and will count toward the client’s final total. You do not need a PayPal account to pay this. Payment is expected up front in the form of cash or PayPal payments. Checks will be accepted at the discretion of the contractor.


Contractor Agrees To-

Meet with client and discuss the client’s needs and goals.

Design a personalized plan to fit the client’s unique needs.

Contractors will help you organize paperwork, not finances.

Contractors will not work in unsanitary conditions where mold, feces, or urine is present.

Revolution Organization and it’s affiliates will do their utmost to care for a client’s items.

Revolution Organization and its contractors reserves the right to decline or discontinue service toward any client they feel compromises their safety without prior notice. If work has already begun, client will not receive a refund.

Client Responsibilities-

Client is responsible for all garbage removal.

Client is responsible for scheduling pick-up or hauling donations.

Contractors will make every attempt to stay economical by reusing and recycling in creative ways before buying. However, in the event that certain supplies are needed, it is the client’s responsibility to purchase and pay for those supplies. Supplies may include drawer dividers, bins, boxes, etc.

The client understands that Revolution Organizing and it’s affiliates are not licensed, bonded, or insured.

Client understands and agrees that Revolution Organization and its contractors are not responsible for any items broken, torn, missing, or accidentally thrown out during the organization process.

Client is required to sign a contract agreeing to these rules before work begins.

Cancellation Policy-

Clients must contact Revolution Organization within 24 hours of their appointment, or they will still be billed the agreed upon amount.

If an appointment is made and the client does not show up/is not present without prior notification, Revolution Organization will bill the client the original amount, plus a $10 no-show fee.

Revolution Organization reserves the right to decline services to clients who are habitually late, do not pay their bills, issue bad checks, or do not show up for appointments, even after just one no-show.

Questions? Comments? Send me a line!


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