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Turning a Closet Into an Office Space

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I’ve mentioned before that our house is old and quirky. In a previous article, I discussed our quirky pantry area. Now I will discuss our quirky closet, which just so happens to be on the opposite side of said quirky pantry.

A Tale of Two Closets

Our living room has two closets. One traditional-sized one for coats by the front door, and a rather large, awkward one for reasons we have yet to figure out. When we moved in, the previous owner had doors, and a long shelf installed for this closet. For several years I didn’t quite know what to do with it, then our second was born, effectively ousting me from the third bedroom which had been an office. After browsing a Martha Stewart magazine one day, I came across the idea for a “closet office“, and instantly knew what to do with my awkward space (Thanks, Martha!).

Measure Twice…

I busted out the measuring tape and sketch book, and writing down everything I wanted to be in this space. I may have mentioned elsewhere that I love books, so I had to have shelves. My husband is a computer tech, so I had to try and make room for two computers, as well as all our filing, computer paper, and various other sundry, office-related supplies. But all this had to be cheap too…err, I mean “within a budget”. I edited my plan at least a dozen times, went over it with hubby at least a dozen times more, and then it was time to put down the plans and make it happen.

Cut Once

Off to Lowe’s hubby and I went. We bought some lumber, black paint, and hardware for very simplistic, home-made cabinets. We also bought basic, black laminate boards and basic, black metal brackets for my open book shelving, and finally we purchased a piece of black counter top (on sale!), cut to fit. We decided to leave doors off, since this closet is between a doorway and wall, but I’ve toyed with the idea of adding some flat panel curtains like these from Ikea. After much sawing, hammering, painting, and drilling, this was the result:



I’m very pleased and proud that we were able to make this space so much more efficient. However, if I could do it over again I would extend the open shelving to the walls (for more books!), make the cabinets a hair shorter for true desk-height, and while I love the texturing of the counter top, I would opt for one with a smooth surface to make writing easier.


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