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Organizing Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

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We’ve all seen them. Those gorgeous custom-made closets to die for that probably cost over a thousand dollars. I cannot deny that I would LOVE for this to be my closet, but alas, I have small children to feed. If you can afford to do this (even with small children), I encourage you to do so! It will certainly save space, making your closet efficient and organized, and less frustrating to find things.

But if you can’t afford it, never fear! There is hope yet for the cluttered closet. The key is to take the principals of design featured in these photos, and use less-expensive items or even things around the house to organize. Your closet won’t look as snazzy as the expensive designs, but it can be functional for far less.

Though it might sound counter-intuitive to put more in a small closet, having plenty of drawers and especially shelves can really improve your closet’s capacity. Likewise baskets, bins, and boxes all help to sort and contain items that might otherwise fall all over the place. Just don’t forget to label them!

For example, do you have a bookshelf, set of plastic drawers, or leftover wire shelves for kitchen cupboards? Could you splurge on a low-height, inexpensive shelf or sideboard like this one from Ikea? That would be awesome for storing shoes or blankets in baskets underneath or on top, clothes in the cabinet, and small things like jewelry, ties, or underthings in the narrow drawers. Even an old desk would work, as long as it fits your closet’s dimensions.

Raising your closet’s hanging bar by just a few inches might enable you to hang a second clothes bar underneath like this one from Home Depot, or at least give you space for those drawers, boxes, or baskets. And don’t forget to take advantage of corners.

If you have a deep closet, or closet doors which open like a typical room door, are you in luck! Hang a mirror, shoe rack, purse rack, or make that space into your jewelry station with a pegboard or old tie rack!

If all this overwhelms you, just send me a line and I’ll help you design your perfect space for less!


Author: Loura Shares A Story

I love stories! Giving them, receiving them, creating new ones and reviving old ones, you can learn all the different ways that I share and teach stories through visual art (photography, graphic design, and jewelry design), performing art (acting/public speaking), and the written word at Or follow my blog,

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