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Organizing the Kitchen Pantry

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Cabinets are nice, but bulky.Now that autumn is upon us, I cannot rest until SOMETHING in my house has been reorganized. This year it appears the “clean-my-kitchen” itch has won. My house is an older, 1950’s model with little quirks throughout.

One of them is my pantry.

It currently has a set of cabinets and counter tops crammed in a tight space, and while I appreciate the idea, the space could be used much more efficiently. We have a small house, and storage is always at a premium so…

I researched, I looked online, I measured with my (read: husband’s) heavy-duty measuring tape which made me feel very professional, and I sketched.

Here’s my plan:

  1. Tear out the old cabinets and both counter tops (I’m waffling on the right-side counter, though).
  2. Replace with open shelving that wraps around the corner and matches the right side shelving. I think I could easily fit 5 shelves top to bottom and still have space for bulk items like water bottles on the floor.
  3. Fill with flea market/Goodwill glass or plastic food-safe containers, baskets, and bins, all labeled of course.

Replacing these cabinets which are dark and don’t match the rest of our kitchen anyway, with open shelving will more than double my current storage capacity, and give me a lot more room (about 1.5 ft) to move about. I’m betting I could even make a small laundry space under the right-side shelves, and still have plenty of storage for crafts, party decor, and my fancy dishes.



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