Revolution Organization and Consulting

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Revolution is word that in any form, means “change”. And change is scary. It plays on our very human fears of the unknown. What if a change makes me uncomfortable? What if it means having to work harder? What if it means stretching myself to explore new things and ways of living? People often don’t like change, because even if a situation isn’t as healthy or productive as it could or should be, it’s still “comfortable” because it is predictable. Change is hard. It involves growing, learning, experimenting, and self-discovery.


Change is often sad because it involves leaving an old, predictable way of living for something new and unknown, perhaps even something unlooked-for and/or unwanted. But change is also exciting: Something new, something challenging, and maybe, just maybe something far better than what you had before. Contact us at Revolution Organization, Efficiency, and Productivity Consulting to help you make a good change for a better way of living, working, and schooling.


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